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A family business

In 1886 a young New Yorker knocked on the Simmons door asking for room and board. He had heard of the wonderful fishing at Chaffey's Lock. The Simmons family opened their door to the young American giving us the honour of hosting the first tourist in Chaffey's Lock.  He enjoyed his visit and word spread about the excellent fishing and the beauty of Chaffey's. The Simmons family have continued the tradition of hospitality for over a century.

We look forward to welcoming you to Chaffey's Locks.


Your hosts are Greer Simmons, Lynette Simmons-Gutsell, Valarie Simmons, Mike Galea, James Galea and Alexandra Galea 




“Simmons is a place where you arrive as a guest and depart as a friend.”

                                                                              Charles M. of NY

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